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About us

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Activation of Green ROofs Synergies as a tool for civic participation & environmental consciousness – AGROS is an Erasmus+ K2 project that runs from November 2020 to October 2022.

The AGROS project addresses the demanding needs in terms of environment protection that Europe is confronted with in recent decades. It offers targeted actions and adaptation strategies to specific circumstances in different regions and cities of Europe, coming as a training solution with a purely practical dimension. More specifically, AGROS aims to support individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences towards the design, implementation, use and sustainable management of green roofs for climate protection and environmental action, enhancing in this way individuals’ civic response to major problems and solutions. Additionally, AGROS supports the awareness-raising concerning environmental challenges and effective responses, as participants-trainees will be given the chance to develop specific know-how in the relevant context, opting for a sustainable way of life.


Objective 1

Promote green roofs as the citizens’ response to environmental protection, active participation and citizens' involvement, and to municipalities' and areas' sustainable development strategy

Objective 2

Provide the target groups with all the necessary skills and knowledge oriented to green roofs practices

Objective 3

Contextualize the environmental prosperity and individual well-being, through the training on green roofs' benefits and awareness

Objective 4

Create and deliver innovative products and training digital tools based on differentiation methodologies and adult education approaches

Target groups


IO2 - The Training and Adaptation Handbook
IO3 - The Best Practices and Policy Book