Module 5 Green Roofs Implementation Taxonomy and Spieces Optimality

Last updated: July 21, 2022

Learning Objectives

Module 5 will investigate another perspective of the benefits of green roofs and operate in complementary with module 3.

This Module provides the basic information on plant taxonomy taking into account the importance of the classification of plants and their zoning implementing the different green roofs applications, thematically discussed in deep detail of plants to different purpose of green roofs: (1) educational, (2) food sovereignty, (3) therapy and to obtain nature medicines.

The Module provides some basic graphic samples of green roofs and tips to the self-design of green roofs. The benefits and importance of plant diversity and optimality are also investigated as it is a very important part of all ecosystems.

The learner will gain following competences:

  • understanding the potentials of green roofs implementation, advantages and disadvantages of the taxonomy,
  • knowledge of the basics of plants taxonomy,
  • understanding plants classification and hardiness zoning concept,
  • knowledge of the different purpose of green roofs implementation taxonomy,
  • understanding the importance of species optimality and all ecosystem as itself,
  • possessing of the basic competences and skills for self-design of green roofs,
  • ability to begin the green roofs design process from the beginning to the end.

Target audience – beginners’ level of a common target audience of teachers, policy makers, practitioners and builders.

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