Module 9 Building elements and limitations of green roofs

Last updated: July 21, 2022

Learning Objectives

The Module will provide basic information on the building elements and limitations of green roofs. More specifically, the participants will have the opportunity to learn how to plan and implement a successful green roof building project, and how to manage the different circumstances that are likely to affect the installation and effectiveness of a green roof.

Several factors like the geographical location, the weather conditions, as well as the seasonality and the average annual temperature will be discussed in terms of their impact on the choice, construction and limitations of a green roof project.

The Module touches upon the following key topics:

  9.1. Building elements of green roofs

  9.2. Effective planning and implementation of green roofs

  9.3. Factors which are likely to affect the construction and effectiveness of green roofs

  9.4. Limitations of green roofs

Planned audience: beginners’ level of a common target audience of teachers, policy makers, practitioners and  builders.

This Module ends with a self-assessment quiz.

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