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  • Take part in the piloting of the AGROS courses!

  • From theory to practice!

  • Creation of green roofs in Cyprus

  • What Rotterdam teaches about the power of green roofs.

  • France mandates green roofs!

  • Frankfurt’s green rooftops and urban airways aim to keep the city cool

  • Hori-zonte’s Environment Museum Features a Green Roof

  • University garden declared as one of UK’s top green spaces

  • Gardens and green space linked to better mental health during pandemic, study shows,-study-shows

What about green roofs in universities areas?

  • Banks battle back-to-office fatigue with ping pong, snacks, indoor gardens

  • Musical gardens in Brasov will allow people to form improvised ensembles

How may the musical gardens be connected with green roofs? 

  • Could ‘living roofs’ on bus stops boost Bristol’s biodiversity?

  • Madrid, Frankfurt, Vienna: How are European cities adapting to fiercer heatwaves?

  • Bus Stops With Green Roofs Can Improve City Wildlife

  • Austrian manufacturer develops solar racking for bifacial panels and green roofs

  • Solutions from nature are the building blocks for inclusive cities

  • Green Cities Conference – Better Climate, More Health

  • Lithuania Leads Europe in Mobilizing Green Building Retrofits

  • How green are European cities? Green space key to well-being – but access varies

  • The benefits of green buildings

  • The SDGs go local! Why cities need to engage in integrated urban development

  • Toward a more natural cityscape

  • Do you really know all the benefits of green roofs?

  • Case study: Riverfront Park, Nashville, Tennessee

  • How can green roofs help respond to climate change?

  • Training teachers on AGROS project.

  • Another successful online event!

  • AGROS project at ‘Teacher Training Day 2022’ in Cyprus!

  • Green roof of Nivy Mall – An oasis for leisure and retail in the heart of a vivid city district

  • Four Approaches to Making Living Roofs With Native Plants

  •  AGROS Project Kick-off Meeting

  • Launching Project Social Media Channel

  • Project Progress: Launching the Development of AGROS Courses

  • Project Development is Moving Forward: We Are Presenting a Final List of Learning Modules

  • Transnational Project Meeting

  • EU Funded Project PERFECT: Cross Link to the AGROS project and Some Useful Insights

  • Europe’s hidden green spaces: from flowering roof tops to bus stop gardens

  • 6 Ways Green Roofs Protect Cities From Climate Change – from fighting heat waves to stopping floods

  • Could Green Roofs on Schools Be a Climate Solution?

  • Green Roofs and Climate Change in 2021

  • How to make a green roof

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