D’Antilles Et D’Ailleurs –

Based in Martinique, French West Indies, D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs (DA&DA) is an organization that works for the promotion of an active participation in the civil society, especially of women and young people with fewer opportunities.

We promote diversity, equality and social inclusion through:

  • supporting mobility and employment: by implementing initiatives of prevention, Information and non-formal education activities boosting access to mobility and professional inclusion of people with fewer opportunities
  • training: by organizing conferences, seminars, training and intercultural meetings concerning citizenship, entrepreneurship, access to social rights and the active participation of disadvantaged groups
  • cooperation: by supporting and developing initiatives of cooperation, development and capacity building of the disadvantaged communities and groups, promoting peace, human rights and equity.

DA&DA is a young and dynamic organization working mainly with vulnerable groups (youth, women and migrants) supporting access to social rights, promoting active citizenship and voluntarism through NFE, mobility, training and apprenticeship.

At the local level, we are implementing a project linked to access to social rights and active citizenship targeting young people (aged from 18 to 30) from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. We propose European mobilities as a tool to enable young people to improve their knowledge, competences and
solidarity involvement in order to foster their active citizenship and to facilitate their transition between training and employment.