Topic 2 Agricultural cultural techniques

Le Lasote/ le lafouyte In the agricultural sector, mutual aid is strong among people. Traditionally, when a person needs to clear a sloping plot of land to cultivate, he or she calls upon the community to do a “koudmen” (helping hand). This cultural practice was created by “free men” after the abolition of slavery. Volunteers come to the field to plow as a group to the sound of drums, lambi conch, ti bwa and songs.

  • The bambouye: drummer
  • The lambi conch (shell) in which one blows to emit the sound
  • The ti bwa: bamboo on which one taps with chopsticks to give the rhythm
  • The songs: the “krie” (shouters) sing to coordinate the participants and give strength to the group

It is called “lasote” in the North Caribbean and “Lafouyte” in the North Atlantic.Participants take turns going to each other’s homes to perform this plowing technique. The person who invites provides the drinks and the meal for the volunteers. Traditionally, this consists of rum and “ti nin lamori” (unsweetened green bananas with cod). These days are an opportunity to meet, share, exchange and help each other for rural people, sometimes isolated.