Topic 2: Emilo Ambasz

A pioneer of green architecture, Emilio Ambasz aims to create an architecture wodistinguishesven in green. The style that it is the combination of buildings covered with gardens, bringing nature back to the city. An example of its architecture is the Prefectural International Hall in Fukuoka, Japan.

Situated in the middle of Fukuoka City, Japan, the Prefectural International Hall consists of 15 garden terraces, restoring to the population an area of nearly 100.000 m² of park.

His design utilizes a series of garden terraces stepping up the facade of the building and culminate in the upper terrace offering a wonderful view of Fukuoka Bay.

Initially there were 76 Varieties totaling 37.000 plants.  The contribution of the fauna has allowed to have now 120 varieties totaling 50.000 plants in the garden.