Topic 2 Medicinal plants

The “rimed razie” are extremely important in the West Indian tradition. In the past, and especially for those who were enslaved, access to European medicine was very limited (medicines, surgery…). On the other hand, the knowledge of medicinal plants made it possible to treat and prevent a large number of common diseases. The “initiates” had an important role

important role in society. Later, apothecaries (former pharmacists) made macerations of plants to treat the population. Several hundred plants are listed for their traditional medicinal uses. The plants have, in general, several actions.

For many years, research has been carried out by ethnopharmacologists, sociologists, chemists and doctors to scientifically validate traditional medicinal uses. This is the work of the TRAMIL network in the Caribbean. This network also contributes to raise awareness of the population on the uses of plants and the importance of their use, especially in case of natural disasters (e.g.: earthquake, cyclone, tsunami …

Here are some examples of the most used medicinal plants in Martinique.

Plants for dermatological conditions:
Plants for gastrointestinal disorders:
Plants for nervous disorders:
Plants for respiratory ailments: