Topic 2 Social Benefits

Improvement of building aesthetic

The visibility of the roof, the type of plants placed, and the dimensions and shape of the roof present a dynamic potentiality in the improvement of the building aesthetic. Green roofs can be used as attractional and recreational spaces by the employees, the residents and the visitors of the building combining the conduction of social conversations about contemporary entrepreneurial activities and approaches.

Public Urban Environment Aesthetic

Covering the gap of green areas absence in public urban areas  (parks, public gardens etc.).

Providing wider citizens’ access to nature has a positive influence on people’s quality of life and well-being through the upgrading biodiversity (fauna and flora).

Additionally, green roofs can be exploited in the formulation of a new recreational paradigm for urban centers:

  • green spaces generation at high altitude with panoramic views of the surrounding urban environment
  • observation and cultivation of plant and animal species (e.g. birds)
  • social gathering and meeting spaces

Noise reduction

Green roofs can act as a sound barrier to the buildings. They absorb sound and thus provide a quieter environment, both inside and outside the building.

There has been observed that the plants within green roofs in urban environment present high ability of noise absorption.

Sound waves absorbed by plants depending on many factors such as the size, number, and distribution of leaves on the absorbing surface (social).