Topic 3 Local community sustainability samples (part A and part B)

Part A. Sustainability samples for local communities

1. National Recovery and Resilience Plan- Greece 2.0.

One of the four main pillars in the national Plan Greece 2.0. published in 2020 is the “Green Transition”.

“Greek Transition” will be delivered through the development and the conduction of actions in accordance with the following axes:

  • Transition to a new environmentally friendly energy model
  • Energy upgrade of the country’s building stock and spatial reform
  • Transition to a green and sustainable transport system
  • Sustainable resource use, resilience to climate change and biodiversity conservation

Indicative action:  Project Renovation

Integrated investment activity related to the supply incentives for energy upgrading of homes.

Action that includes mixed financial tools for secondary and tertiary sector companies, including tourism and regardless of their size, with a view:

  • to improve their energy efficiency,
  • to promote the use of renewable sources energy,
  • to upgrade their competitive position by investing in “green” growth.

2. Municipality of Volos: case study - 1st update of the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy

Volos, a Greek city, has developed an innovative well-structured  Sustainable Strategy with the vision of the revitalization of the urban center through the utilization of its spatial and functional comparative advantages. Main goal of the whole strategy is the acceleration of  the sustainable and inclusive development in alliance with the creation of specific and defined aliquot action plans with certain objectives and initiatives.

  • Actions to mitigate the effects of climate change

Indicative initiatives

  1. Expansion of a network of sidewalks and light traffic roads in the central urban area road network
  2. Conversion of Gaveta Street to light traffic road
  • Actions to improve mobility and upgrade the urban environment

Indicative initiative

  1. Repair – strengthening of a supporting organization and renovation of the Municipal Theater
  2. Expansion of a network of bike lanes in the urban fabric of Volos / Nea Ionia – Provision and installation of an automatic bicycle disposal system
  • Actions for the creation and upgrading of social infrastructure

Indicative initiative

  1. Interventions on the exterior and the surrounding area of the building for the operation of a Community Center
  2. Improving the faculty infrastructure of facilitation, empowerment and documentation of employment (Job Center)
  • Actions to promote Employment, Entrepreneurship and Social Economy

Indicative initiative

  1. Office of Facilitation, Empowerment and Documentation of Employment in Intervention area (Job Center)
  2. Information Office for the business in the area of intervention
  3. Creating startups in the orientation of Culture & Tourism in the area

3. Creation of the new Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF)

Main objectives

  • Development of a sustainable blue economy
  • Spreading in new markets and technologies
  • Protection and restoration of biodiversity

the citizens’ sensitization and empowerment on the environmental issues,

the citizens’ sensitization and empowerment on the environmental issues,

The whole attempt aims to lower the average age of the people belonging into the fishing communities. According to available data, the current average of workers’ age is over 50 years old.

 The new EMFAF will fund the first vessel or partial ownership (of at least 33%) for qualified and/ or experienced fishermen younger than 40.

4. Project “Ιn action for a better world”

  • “In action for a better world” introduces approaches in a holistic methodology the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals within Greek society providing the aspiration for the active participation of responsible organisations and active citizens, and the adoption of sustainable and substantial tendencies.
  • Local communities play a key role in the identification and understanding of local issues and eventually in the resolving of them.
  • The local communities can sufficiently contribute to promoting better quality of life and the sustainable transformation of municipalities.
  • Awarded with European Sustainability Award, as the best program developed in Europe from the 17 Sustainable Goals in 2019.

Part B. Local communities action on Sustainable Development

1. Greek Scouts for the SDGs

Greek Scouts have mobilized the global effort of the 17 SDGs, introducing an SDG friendly Scouting System.

The Scout Movement as a body of non-formal education but also due to its experiential character contributes for over a century to the practical application of the basic principles of sustainability organizing sustainable friendly initiatives.

Indicatively, mentioned:

  • 1st Scout System of Holargos organized a dynamic action at the Hadjipaterio Child Rehabilitation and Support Center (KASP) helping in the formulation of the building’s outdoor spaces.

In alliance with the following sustainable goals: 

2. Bioclimatic Park in Sepolia

  • New “pocket park“ established in Sepolia, Athens.
  • A synergy of the Municipality of Athens and “P&G” company and the implementation by the organization “Gi”
  • The initiative was implemented in the context of the program “Adopt your city”.
  • In total, 190 new aromatic plants (lavender, rosemary, myrtle and thyme etc.) were planted. The park’s infrastructure was completely renewed and the lighting system installed will be enhanced with an autonomous photovoltaic system.

Program “Adopt your City”

“Adopt your City” is a new program launched by the Municipality of Athens as new model of public policy with the involvement of the business and academic communities and civil society. The program encourages the active participation and engagement of residents.

3. The "green roof" of the City Hall of Edessa

  • Planting the roof of the city hall with various plants was one of the moves that changed the look and the functioning of the City Hall building in Edessa.
  • The multiple benefits of this energy have already been obvious, both in regards with the energy efficiency part and the improvement of the region microclimate.
  • The municipality of Edessa has been rewarded twice with “Best City Awards” and the Golden Award in the Commercial landscape category of the Landscapes Awards 2021.
  • The green roof is open for the students and all citizens in general, operating as a recreational public venue.

4. Initiative of the European Commission (EC) for the training of Environmental Sustainability

  • According to the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 (see bibliography) and the Communication on the European Education Area, the Commission organized a public consultation addressed to citizens, educators, researchers, governmental and non-governmental organisations with international, European, national, regional and local activation and impact.
  • The EC is working on a proposal for a Council Recommendation on education regarding environmental sustainability.

The whole effort consists of a survey which aims at gathering ideas and views  from the open public on the directions of the recommendation, which will be launched and adopted by the Commission within 2021.