Topic 4 Economic Benefits

Energy efficiency of the building

Green roofs present decrease of the electricity demand for air conditioning during summer months. A green roof has insulating function in winter temperatures. Thus, there is less  electricity cost.

Increasing the roof’s lifespan

Green roof technology installation has a positive influence on the lifespan of a building’s roof, expanding it about 20-30 years as it provides protection against:

  • external influences, such as the sun, rain, wind and temperature fluctuations
  • UV radiation
  • thermal stress

Urban agriculture upgrading

Green roofs can constitute the suitable infrastructure to educate the local community in regards with the food production and seasonal variety. It could also boost property values through the addition of a new building service and help to create new jobs.

Property value increase and Real Estate benefits

A green roof may improve property values and marketability, especially in urban areas with little green space. The natural and sustainable appearance, combined with a reduction in energy costs and extension of the life span of the green roof, means an increase in value of the property.

  • Higher rental occupancy
  • Faster sales enhancement

Job Generation and Economic Development

Green roof provide employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers in production, installation, and maintenance of the roof and the building, as well as marketing opportunities and investment benefits for developers and buildings owners.

This trend can also lead to conduction of economic studies concerning abilities of green roof technologies to stimulate a new “green labour market”.