Topic 4 Integration of green roofs technology in social Sustainability: a call-to-action

The need for spaces in urban areas, and at the same time the economies protection from the negative impacts of pollution and climate crisis has been prioritized. This reality has mobilized a technological transition in regards with the ‘green roof technology’.

A long-term transformation in the way the society interacts with environment is foreseen by the academics. Central issue in the review of the pathways that underlie the technological transition is to intercept the change in the behavior of the citizens.

A product innovation is not by itself able to bring up substantial change transition. Τhe real environmental improvement acts complementarily with social mentality and beliefs. In this spirit, green roof technology can be a response to a need matured within the urban centers and society, in general.

The green roof technology will act complementarily with a cultural approach of the citizens to the prototyping experience of a module for green roofs.

A commitment of the civic engagement is a fundamental ingredient to promote the sufficient adoption of green roofs.

Culture for recovery plays a significant role today,  as it constitutes the driving stimulus that will enhance the mitigation of climate impacts, through the design of devoted technologies.