Topic 4: Urban beekeeping – PARIS

The most important insect for life on the planet

Bees are of fundamental importance for biodiversity and the environment: thanks to them, about two-thirds of the world’s food crops are pollinated.
In cities like Paris, urban beekeeping is growing. From Palais-Garnier to the Musée d’Orsay, passing through the Opera Garnier, there are already about a thousand hives on Parisian roofs;  Hives were also present on the roof of the Cathedral of Notre Dame where bees miraculously escaped from the fire.

Why are cities a healthier environment for bees?

The big cities are proving to be a «protected» environment for bees because they are far from pesticides and other factors widely present in the countryside, which are lethal to their existence.
That is why in cities such as Paris, where the use of pesticides in urban parks and gardens, even private ones, is banned, urban beekeeping is growing more and more.