Topic 5 Choice of Celestial Side

Southern side

In the south, the direct radiation from the sun is often too strong, so the plants burn and dry out. On the southern side, it is recommended to create a terrace, it is possible to reduce the angle of fall of sunlight, as well as to increase the ability of rainwater to accumulate in the soil. On the southern side, choose plants that tolerate direct sunlight. It is recommended to shade the roofs with wood, creepers, nets, sliding curtains, gratings, etc. assistance.

Northern side

If the slope of the roof is more than 200, then the vegetation growing on the north side does not receive enough sunlight. On the northern side, the construction of terraces and soil relief is recommended, as it is possible to increase the intensity of the received solar radiation. If the slope of the roof is high, it is recommended to choose shade-loving plants.

Eastern side

On the eastern side, under the influence of the strong morning sun, the dew dries quickly, as well as this is the side that receives the least amount of precipitation, it is recommended to choose plants that tolerate drought well or provide a watering system.

Western side

The western side is more exposed to the weather (rain, wind), it is recommended to choose low as well as erosion resistant plants.