Topic 6: Vertical garden -MADRID

The vertical garden of Madrid, by Patrick Blanc, was built on one of the sides of the Caixa Forum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, born from the recovery of the old power plant. This plant coating provides natural protection against noise pollution, improves thermal insulation, and helps to purify air quality by absorbing CO2.

All this contributes to the well-being of the individual.

The vertical forest consists of two towers 80 and 112 meters high, which house a vegetation (trees, plants, and shrubs) equivalent to 30.000 m² of forest and undergrowth, concentrated on 3.000 m² of the urban area.

The towers are characterized by large staggered balconies designed to allow the development of vegetation and the growth of larger trees without hindrance.

In a few years, the Vertical Forest has created an ideal habitat for the development of spontaneous flora and fauna that counts numerous animal species including about 1.600 specimens of birds and butterflies.

The method of hydroponic cultivation that allows a constant water supply is used to keep always green about 15.000 plants belonging to about 250 species that live on the wall. The irrigation system is located at the top of the wall.
This wall offers people a shelter from the scorching Spanish climate.

The two photos document the growth of the vertical garden after two months. The first photo was taken in October 2006 during the installation while the second one was taken in December of the same year.