Topic 6 Plant Protection Measures against Wind

Green roofs, especially on multi-storey roofs, must be protected from the wind. The strength of the wind depends on both the local wind distribution and the height of the building – the taller the building, the greater the impact of wind on the building and plants. The wind acts directly on the plants mechanically, breaking their flowers, leaves, branches, as well as the flow caused by the wind dries the plants, reducing the amount of moisture in them. It is therefore necessary to provide for plant protection measures against wind or to strengthen larger plants.

The most appropriate solution, as many years of experience has shown, is to create a light, fenced perimeter of trees and shrubs. In addition, the best results can be achieved by mixing the planting of leaves and conifers. It is such a multi-layered living wings that can break the wind currents and create a natural background for plant compositions. In addition, wind protection is provided by decorative pergolas and protective screens, which serve as a background and support for plants