Topic 8: Urban Jungle – PRATO

The Prato Urban Jungle project aims to create in the city of Prato areas with a high density of greenery, the so-called urban jungles. These will be grafted into an existing urban landscape.

Building these urban jungles means responding to the challenges of poor air quality, the effects of heat islands, social exclusion, and degraded urban environments. These issues also affect the health, quality of life, well-being, and safety of citizens.

Pilot sites have been identified that will transform marginal areas into real green wellness points within the city.

One of the pilot sites is the private building of the Consiag-Estra headquarter, in the Soccorso district of Prato (photo project), the district with the highest traffic density in the city.
There will be vegetation interventions that will use native species that will contribute to the improvement of air quality. In addition to protecting the environment, the project aims to promote the psycho-physical well-being of people.